Building an Internet Radio Website


Building an Internet radio website is crucial in presenting a way for your prospective listeners to hear your radio station. A good website should be well designed and eye catching in order to draw attention to your station and programming. Make your website stand out from the rest by providing related content and features.
Most stations do not just offer the ability to listen to a live stream, but also provide other related content and features that are applicable to their online community, city or listeners.
Here ia a list of the Top 5 web pages, you should include in the site design of your radio station website, along with the home page:
1. The Listen page
This is most important web page of the site. We recommend offering a variety of methods for listeners to tune in:
A. Embedded Flash Player
B. Media Players like Winamp iTunes/XMMS, Windows Media, VLC and Realplayer.
c. HTML5 for mobile browsers

Not everyone is using a Windows computer or mobile device has Winamp installed – so Windows Media, Mac, Linux, IOS and Android users have to be taken into consideration.

2. Contact Us or Request page
Your radio stations most valuable asset will be the listeners’ feedback. If they like what they hear and have the ability to have a say on the output of your station, it will keep them coming back time and time again. You should include a contact form which enables visitors to quickly and easily fire requests to the DJ who is on air, or the stations music programmer.
3. Playlist Page
Its a good idea to showcase either new music or your most played songs on a playlist page, just to give the user an idea of what you play. If they like what they see on the playlist, they are more likely to listen.
4. DJ or Show Page (and schedule)
Create a web page which shows your DJ’s and the shows they present and at which times they are on. This way, listeners who hear a certain show will be able to come back when the show is next on and tune in.
5. Links Page

A links page is vital if you want to exchange links with partners. More will be mentioned in the next section about link exchanges.

PC and Mobile Designed Websites

Its important to develop a radio website that can be used for both PC users and mobile devices. Today most folks who listen to internet radio are mobile driving in a car, walking or out and about.
There are two different kinds of websites you may want to choose from when building your website. They are called a responsive design website or an adaptive design website. in my personal opinion a responsive design website is easier on the development side and platforms like wordpress give you allot of options in rapid responsive design development.

Knowing the difference between a responsive or adaptive design website?

Knowing the difference between a responsive design website or an adaptive design website is important and i will try my best to explain it here below.  So here is my understanding of the two compared below.

  •  Responsive design websites is a site where one web page fits all devices. The website responds to changes in width of a browser window by fluidly adjusting the placement of elements on a web page to best fit the available space. You may have seen this before and not even known you were looking at it. So to know if a website is a responsive design website simply drag the side of a browser to make it larger or smaller, you’ll see the design change in real time. If you want to see how responsive design works, visit a site that uses responsive design, such as  Prime Sports Network and if you drag the side of the browser window to make it smaller and larger, you’ll see how responsive design works. Visit that site on an iPhone, iPad, or other similar sized device, and you will see the design that is targeted to fit that size device.

responsive designed radio website designed by XYZ Stream Hosting

  • Adaptive designs websites , have multiple views “web pages & content” that is called by the use a sophisticated auto-detection script on the web server to identify each device that visits the site and then deliver the best version of the site, based on the size and capabilities of each device. As a result, the site doesn’t change sizes if you drag the browser while you view the site. However, if you visit the site on different mobile devices, you’ll not only see different web page designs, you may even see different content because with adaptive design you can send completely different versions of your site to each device.

From my personal experience the responsive design website is the way to go and will save you time and money. Meaning you are not having to update content for multiple websites just one website that works across all devices.

Need to build a website for your radio station or business?

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