Streaming Servers For Internet Radio Hosting

Rock Solid Internet Radio Hosting, Full Features, Guaranteed Up-time

XYZ Radio Stream Hosting provides rock solid internet radio hosting and can host and stream your radio programming to the world over our high-speed, multi-backbone networks and data centers. Our customers can stream radio or video in SHOUTcast, MP3, Flash H264 or AACPlus, and our streaming links work on any PC, tablet or mobile device. Radio Stream Hosting is powered by XYZ Stream Hosting’s radio streaming products that ensure full market penetration. Your listeners accessing your stream will have the best possible listening or viewing experience. Our gigabit network is housed in over 21 Datacenters located in North America and Europe. Our stream hosting and streaming solutions offer the latest battery and generator backup technology, gigabit network switching and have built-in redundancy at all levels. All hosted stream plans come with 24/7 monitoring and full-support staff to ensure your station the reliability and up time you need for today’s demanding listeners and advertisers.

Radio Stream Hosting will provide you streaming links to play audio in any device. You can use the links to play in native players or you can design your own media players or applications.